new testament prayer banner aims to equip Christian believers to pray more effectively.
Here you will find training material, podcasts, articles and ebooks to help you with your prayer life.

Our theological perspective is 'gentle Charismatic' - in that we take a Spirit-filled approach to prayer but avoid the extremes of some teachers.
We believe that the Cross brought about a huge change in the way we relate to God, and consequently in how we pray to God. The resurrection of Jesus, His ascension and the Pentecost event also saw an increase in the powers available to Christians (such as tongues, prophecy, healing and the casting out of demons).
New Testament Prayer involves using the God-given authority of the Name of Jesus. It is not our personal authority, but the authority of Jesus Christ acting through us to accomplish the will of God on earth - via intercession.
New Testament Prayer is the powerful, dynamic and authoritative form of prayer that Jesus taught His followers and which resulted in many healings and miracles and numerous victories over the forces of darkness.
The 12-week course on prayer includes PowerPoints that you may use in your preaching, discipleship and in any form of non-profit Christian ministry. You may download the course materials at any time.
New Testament Prayer is a ministry of  Cybermissions which is a Christian 501c3 non-profit registered in the State of Virginia.

The CEO John Edmiston may be contacted with any prayer needs that you may have his email is: